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One powerful insight can transform your entire life.

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Our life's scale is equal to the scale of our mindset.

When people think of high performance, they point to the external accomplishments and measures in their personal and professional lives.  However, the path to genuine success lives within.  When we find ourselves distant from where we want to be, the most important journey we can make is into the mind to uncover the barriers that hinder peak performance in life and business.  

By “thinking about how we think”, audience members are activated to uncover those concealed solutions within themselves, unlocking the vast potential encoded in their DNA. They will be equipped with actionable strategies to reshape their mindset and embrace their authenticity.

Picture the impact of a keynote session that not only uncovers the obstacles hindering peak performance in life and business but also illuminates numerous effective pathways towards success. This revelation isn't just a speech; it's a catalyst for genuine awakening and authentic transformation.

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Tatyana Slavova: A Woman of Courage, Determination, and Inspiration.

Propelled by her life philosophy, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts," Tatyana fearlessly relocated on her own from Ukraine to the USA, facing the challenges of war in her homeland.

As a keynote speaker, she empowers individuals to embrace their authentic selves and thrive, drawing wisdom from her own transformative journey. Proud of her Ukrainian heritage, Tatyana encourages her audience to fearlessly pursue a life worth living.

Beyond the stage, Tatyana wears multiple hats, excelling as both a Venture Capitalist and Life&Business Coach. Passionate about startups, she seeks out startups, helping them to become legendary unicorns portrayed once by David Fincher. Her mission is to accelerate entrepreneurship, foster a global thinking mindset, and reduce inequality by supporting talented individuals with financial backing.

Through coaching, Tatyana guides individuals to peak performance, dismantling mental lifetraps and transforming ineffective behaviors into proactive, desired actions. She serves as a motivating force, unlocking inner potential and dismantling doubts and barriers on the path to success.

In sharing her unique journey and knowledge, Tatyana's mission is to make a genuine impact on the lives of those she encounters. Her authentic approach is a testament to her commitment to empowering others. As she continues to make a profound difference, Tatyana remains a beacon of inspiration and resilience, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of her audience.

About Tatyana


Tatyana Speaking Topics


Crack the Mind Code: Outsmart Lifetrap Déjà Vu

“Why don't I get what I want in my life? What is holding me back from achieving peak performance in life and business?” The answer lies in mental lifetraps. These cognitive patterns distort our perception of reality. Instead of seeing things as they truly are, we become selective in what we observe, focusing only on evidence that reinforces our preexisting beliefs.

Tatyana invites the audience to confront their mental lifetraps. This keynote holds the key to a transformative software download and a life upgrade that follows.

By changing our thinking, we inevitably change the reality around us.


From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Transforming Lives with Bold Dreams

Amidst economic crises, COVID, ongoing war, or personal challenges, how to stay calm and resilient?

Discover the power of relying on yourself and your dreams in uncertain times.

Join Tatyana as she shares her journey from Ukraine, inspiring you to embrace your dreams fearlessly. Learn to trust your inner voice as the ultimate authority and mentor. Unleash the transformative potential of your dreams and navigate through any storm with purpose and determination.

This empowering talk will leave you motivated and ready to embrace the uncharted with unwavering belief in your abilities.
Dare to dream and empower your path to success.


Tatyana Testimonials


Christina Vozniak
Women's Tennis Association

Tatyana's speech on mental lifetraps was mind-blowing! It hit me hard and made me realize my power. Now, I'm all set to do my best and head for Wimbledon! Thanks a million, Tatyana!


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